Projekt XXIII

J├╝rgen Platzer, 0025360
Christian Wagner, 0026014

Welcome to the homepage of Projekt XXIII. This is a field work in which an attempt was made to edit videos with various effects and to create computer-generated films. For example, a lightsaber duel was shot and animations with Juliasets were rendered. Ultimately, the resulting films were burned to DVD.

Topics that have been realized for the DVD:


Topics, that could not be covered in this field work.



Shoot a lightsaber duel

The aim of this part of the project is to mimic the lightsaber effect from Star Wars. A rehearsed duel should be filmed, with red or green painted rods to serve as a lightsaber. The colors of these rods have to be detected after the shooting and masked with the lightsaber effect. Here's a first attempt.




Animation of fractals in 2D and 3D

With the help of a self-written program two-dimensional Julia sets were animated and saved as a movie. Furthermore, an animation of three-dimensional fractal-objects was rendered with the open source ray tracer POVRay. As textures excerpts from famous Hollywood films like "The Matrix" or "Batman" were used.

animierte Juliamenge



Creating trailer for the DVD

To arouse interest in our project, trailer should be created that show the results obtained. These are firstly presented in presentations and on the other hand form a separate part on the DVD.



Create interactive menus for the DVD

For the DVD, the films produced will be embedded in menus and transition animations. When you start the DVD an animation is to be shown with short excerpts from our films. This intro should also contain the title of the project and lead over to the main menu, which in turn contains links to all sections. If one selects a submenu from the main menu a short animation should lead over to the new menu. In the submenus links to the films are shown.




Processing of countryside videos

Videos of mountains and other countryside impressions should be filmed. Those videos should be modified by either adding fog effects, or by changing colors. The following image gives an impression where the same countryside is shown in different colors.




Apply effects to cartoons

For this work a C video processing library should be applied to test effects on cartoon movies.



Creation of video collage

Several videos should be combined to one frame by frame. It should be possible to have a smooth transition between video 1 and 2 on the same frame as well as a hard cut for example at the border of a person. The coordinates of those transitions should be changing from frame to frame.
The results of this work could be used for DVD menus.
The idea for this task is derived from one of our former webpages, where we used combined images as headings of movie descriptions. As example the following heading has been created from screenshots of the movie "The Matrix".



Matrix collage